Roll With The Punches - Vinyl - Martin Harley

Roll With The Punches - Vinyl

High Quality 180g LP


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In 2019 British guitarist and songwriter Martin Harley is making a change. Having created a deep impression on the acoustic blues roots and Americana scene, with his last two Nashville recorded albums, his highly anticipated new record finds a new and exciting sound. An intimate and gritty analogue album, recorded in a remote chapel deep in the wilds of Pembrokeshire. Taking county blues riffs to the electric bottleneck slide guitar, served with sweet vocal harmonies and the driving rhythms of co-producer and drummer Harry Harding (Yola Carter/William the Conqueror).

Track Listing

  1. Roll With The Punches
  2. Marguerite
  3. Hotel Lonely
  4. Brother
  5. If Tears Were Pennies
  6. I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Rich
  7. Clarbeston Resonation
  8. Shanghai
  9. Putting down Roots
  10. The Time Is Now